The aim of the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport Regional Development Cluster is to bring together all parties interested in developing the region around the core Hungarian airport. Utilizing the unique potentials of the airport’s multimodal accessibility, the population concentration of some three million inhabitants in the wider catchment area of the airport and the region being the main economy powerhouse of the country, the Airport Region offers many competitive advantages for companies to establish their base in Central Europe.

The local economic development cooperation was initiated by the two municipalities – Budapest District 18, Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre and the Vecsés – where most of the land of the airport is located. The two local municipalities joined forces with the Municipality of Budapest, the Municipality of Pest County, the national air traffic management agency HungaroControl and Budapest Airport to foster economic growth in the region by coordinating spatial planning, public investments and development initiatives.

The main goal of the cooperation is to develop the region into the number one gateway location for Central-East Europe. The cluster organisation is an opportunity for its members to jointly develop business relations, infrastructure projects and capacity development programs together in order to attract new businesses to the region.

The cluster aims to introduce new investors and operators to the region, to assist the development of state-of-art infrastructure, production, logistics and R&D facilities in and around the airport, to develop the human capital and to channel available central government and European Union funding for the benefit of companies and residents in the region. The role of the cluster is to collect and share good practices, facilitate collaboration within and beyond the region.

The cluster provides opportunity to share knowledge and information among its members, enhances the communication between different levels of government, between the public and the private sectors and among the private sector companies. The platform is open to all interested organisations from both the public and the private sectors with an interest in creating an economically vibrant region that offers high quality of living for its residents utilizing the added benefits of regional and international multimodal connectivity.

20 organisations – representing the sectors of production, logistics, ground handling and other air transport related services, aircraft maintenance, retail, software development, consulting, trade and tourism – have joined the cooperation and there is an active communication network reaching over 200 companies, municipalities and government agencies. The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency and the Budapest Enterprise Development Public Foundation are both associated partners of the Budapest Airport Regional Development Cluster.

The cluster offers a unique meeting point for business leaders from within and outside the region and a platform to exchange information assisting businesses wishing to expand in Europe. The Budapest Airport Region’s competitive locational and capacity advantages are complemented with an active assistance provided by the cluster and its partners promoting inward investment and fostering economic development in the region.

For further information about potentials of the Budapest Airport Region, the cluster and its activities please send your enquiry to info@budcluster.hu.